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Workshops and Events

Workshops will be cancelled if a minimum of 8 people is not reached.

24 hours notice will be given of cancellation and money will be reimbursed through PayPal.

Workshop Cost and Times Vary.

Essential Oil 
This workshop will introduce you to the powerful world of essential oils. You will learn where they come from, how they work with the body and the brain and how to make your own aromatherapy applications for everyday concerns such as sleeping, headaches, cramps, muscle pain and minor scrapes and bruises. You will make your very own personalized blend to take home with you.


DIY Natural Cleaning Workshop

Did you realize that most household cleaning products are full of harmful chemicals? Not only are they bad for our environment but they can be toxic to our health as well. Come learn ways to clean just as efficiently while using natural and safe substances.

The Cleaning Workshop will give you hands on opportunity to learn how easy it is to make cleaning products for the entire house. You will make an all purpose cleaner, a glass cleaner (not just vinegar) a room deodorizer and a scouring agent. You will also receive our Naturally Clean Recipe book.


Face Masque 
A face masque can be the secret remedy that your face is needing.  A masque has the ability to draw out harmful bacteria and unclog pores of dirt and old makeup.  Depending on the type of skin you have and your specific concerns, you can custom blend exactly what you need. 



De-stress Workshop
The De-Stress workshop will teach you what stress is, how it affects your health, your emotions and your behaviour. You will be given proven practical therapies that you can do almost anywhere. You will make 3 spa treatments that will be tailored to your specific need and personality.

We all have stress, it's how we deal with it that makes a difference!


Natural First Aid Home Remedies
Come out and learn some amazing natural remedies from generations past that are right under your nose. Our grandparents often turned to herbs and spices to ward off common ailments, and these time-tested remedies have proven safe and effective. Here are just some ailments that we will share our remedies for: coughs, sinus pain, congestion, indigestion and heartburn, insomnia, constipation and yeast infection etc.


Perfume & Room Spray 
Host your own Perfume workshop with one of our trained consultants.  Have some fun with friends customizing your very own blend of essential oils that will be aromatically pleasing and therapeutically beneficial.



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