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I Was Wowed!


"At first I thought - "just another home party", but after purchasing body butter and loving it, I started trying some other things also. To make a long story short, I've tried the bug spray, after sun lotion, men's shaving product, the sniffle kit, acne cream, lip balm and others and love them all. Right now my favourite is the healing balm.

A couple of weeks ago I had an unexplained burn/inflammation on the back of my neck that nothing was helping. I tried the healing balm on it and immediately I started getting relief. Within 3 days I could hardly even see where the problem had been. Thank you Heaven Scent."

Linda Forrest - Orangeville, ON

Amazing Results...


My hairdresser introduced me to Heaven Scent.  I've tried some of the products like shampoo, conditioner, healing balm & aches and pains.  Aches & Pains is my favorite, I use it all the time. Healing balm is the best for burns and cuts,  it works great!

Trish Day - Grand Valley, ON

My Family Loves It


Our family really likes the Defense Hand Cream and seems to live on the Healing Balm. Both stay in my purse and are especially useful in these dry, germy winter months. I must say though that our favourites are the Dermacure Shampoo and Conditioner which have been the most effective treatment against my daughters eczema that we have seen in years!

Cori Dean - Innisfil, ON


Unbelievable Results


"My sister suggested I use the Aches and Pains on my sore shoulder, and the pain went away for 4 days! I brought it into work and let my friend use it on her aching forearm and it only took a couple of hours for the pain that she had been suffering from for a couple of months, to go away. I can’t believe how well this product works."

Lori Anderson - Barrie, ON

It Makes me Complete


I have a few products that I can't be without! I started out using the Omega Collection, the hand soap, next the Shampoo and Conditioner - I love them!! I have switched over my girls to using your Berrylicious Collection and we all love the smell and gentle cleaning. Thank you for the fabulous items!

Melissa Assad

By Far The Best!


“I have used Heaven Scent products for some time now and am genuinely delighted.   The products that I have used are the lip balm, Milk & Honey hand cream, and the healing balm.  I strongly recommend that people try them to discover the same great results my husband and I have.”

Roberta Barker - Newmarket, ON

I Couldn't Believe It


"I burned my arm pretty bad on the oven. Put on 'Burn Therapy' & within 10 minutes the burn sensation was gone, no blister, healed up quick with no scarring. Unlike another burn on my arm that hurt for days, scabbed up & was a nasty mess. I LOVE BURN THERAPY!!!!!  Thanks Heaven Scent!"

Shelly Batterman - Chatsworth, ON


I Couldn't Be More Pleased


"Our family LOVES Healing Balm - it goes on just about anything and everything - even my cat has had it applied to a bad cut on an ear!! I love the fact that it heals things quickly and I love the smell too! Thanks for having the inspiration of creating it."

Lisa Quillman - Nova Scotia


Absolutely Amazing


"Healing Balm fixes EVERYTHING my boys scrape up and hurt, but MY favourite is the Coconut shampoo and conditioner and body butter - I just close my eyes and imagine a tropical vacation right at home in my own shower."

Jaime Wouters - Orangeville, Ontario


The Best Thing Ever

​"I love the little lamb baby wash and lotion....smells soooo good! I use the lotion on both of us."

Anne Bresnahan - British Columbia

I Can Walk Again

"I broke my ankle badly, resulting in a variety of pins and plates being put in to hold me together. A friend recommended I try "Aches and Pains" for those times when my ankle hurts so bad I can hardly walk. The results are almost instantaneous-- the aches subside and the pain leaves. Thank you!"

Andrea Johnson

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