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The Relief Line is a must-have for summer vaction, or a hot destiation trip. Included in the collection is: burn therapy (2oz & 6oz), bug spray (4oz & 8oz), Relief Lotion, Bug Bite, After Sun, Aloe & Melon Mist, and our watermelon lipblam.


The Burn Therapy we believe is a staple in any house-hold. It will take the "sting" out of any sun burn, curling iron burn, or oven burn. Not only does it smell amazing as it is made with the essential oils; lavender, melissa and chamomile, but it will also wildly improve and fix a burn overnight and prevent blistering and/or skin peeling. 


Our Relief Lotion is a nourishing cream to help maintain silky smooth skin this summer and/or for follow-up use after the use of Burn Therapy on a sunburn. It is lighter, easier-to-absorb cream which makes it ideal or everyday use and application. 


Bug Spray is a must to repel bugs and smell good while doing so! It is safe for both humans and pets.


If you do get those nasty bug bites, our Bug Bite is an easy application on itchy, red, inflammed spots. It is a natural, topical antihistamine (anti-itch) for your common and everyday bug bites. 


After Sun has a "cooling" sensation once applied and nourishes the skin after a day in the sun. Great for light burns, or locking in an awesome tan. This product is for post-exposure to the sun, or a "just-in-case" topical treatment if you're not sure if you were burnt being out in the sun.


Our newest two products to the Relief line; Aloe & Melon Mist and Watermelon Balm are products that will help proctect you while being in the sun. Aloe and Watermelon are natural sun protectors, although they are not classified as measurable SPF ingredients. These two products are great for short intervals of sun exposure, and/or protecting your lips on an everyday basis. 

Relief Line

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