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Lavender Face Cream is repairing, conditioning and hydrating. A must-have to add to your face care system. 


It is made with pure lavender essential oil and a buttery soft lotion base. You can feel confident and love the feeling of natural and pure ingredients going onto your face. Not only will this face cream help hydrate, it will also repair and help blemishes and/or acne. 

Here are some additional benefits from using lavender products:


1. Lavender has antiseptic properties to help treat minor cuts, bug bites, and burns.

2. If you have insomnia, try placing a lavender sachet under your pillow.  A few drops of lavender essential oil should help, too.

3. If you have dandruff, add a few drops of lavender essential oil to your conditioner or to your hairbrush.  It will help to regulate your body’s oil production.

4. To relax, or ease muscle cramps, add lavender oil to your bath.

5. Anxiety & Stress management.  Has been shown to reduce the cortisol levels up to 60%.

6. Studies have even shown that lavender can help you with pain management.  That includes not just everyday pain, but even recovering from surgery.

Lavender Face Cream

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