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Aches & Pains

​"My sister suggested I use the Aches and Pains on my sore shoulder, and the pain went away for 4 days! I brought it into work and let my friend use it on her aching forearm and it only took a couple of hours for the pain that she had been suffering from for a couple of months, to go away. I can’t believe how well this product works."

Lori Anderson - Barrie, ON

About this Product.

Aches & Pains was originally created as a cold remedy for congestion. (a.k.a.: Sniffle Rub)  A friend of the family, Bill Barker was suffering from a cold, so he took our advise and applied the rub both on his chest and on his feet to help with his congestion.  He was thrilled to discover that the 'sniffle rub' had allowed him a solid night sleep....the first in years! You see, Bill suffers with severe arthritis in his feet and would be awakened in the night from pain and would have to apply 2 different pain killing products with only moderate relief.   He claims that Aches & Pains was more effective and longer lasting than anything he had ever used before.  We were genuinely thrilled for him! Thank-you Bill for leading us to the powerful discovery of ‘Aches & Pains.

Aches & Pains has helped with the following conditions:

*Pulled muscles

*Injured tendons and connective tissues

*TMJ (jaw joint inflammation)

*Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

*Muscle Spasms\Restless leg Syndrome


*Shin splints



Soybean Oil

Coconut Oil


Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Peppermint Essential Oil

Camphor Essential Oil

Rosemary Essential Oil

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