Activated charcoal is produced from materials that are carbon-dense (e.g., coconut husks, wood, coal, nutshells, and peat) that have been activated using gases (usually argon or nitrogen) then exposed to high temperatures. The result is carbon in the form of a tasteless, odorless black powder that has an expanded surface area, a characteristic that makes it especially effective for various beauty applications. 

Beauty from Ashes

  • Shampoo: This shampoo is an amazing clarifier, giving a deep cleanse of residue and buildup from other products. It also is amazing for those who suffer with psoriasis or other scalp issues, as it draws all infection or toxins that the body is trying to rid itself of.
    Leave in Conditioner: Charcoal Shampoo does a great job of stripping unwanted compounds, however it also can remove some of the natural oils, so we recommend using both conditioner in the shower and then for an extra measure of moisture, add a dime size amount of this blend to the ends of your hair.
    Body Wash: This wash is fabulous on all our moist warm areas that can cultivate bacteria and fungus. As a mini detox, this wash will cleanse deep, pulling away all harmful bacteria and cleaning sweat glands to be more effective at ridding the body of unwanted toxins. Great for skin conditions, athletes foot, body odor etc.
    Face Wash: Perfect for once a week to thoroughly cleanse face of buildup, blackheads, pulling bacteria from acne or cysts and exfoliation.
    Face Oil: This face oil is a blend of the very best oils of the world that are most like the natural oil of the face called sebum. These oils will nourish, moisturize, repair and reverse damage at a cellular and dna level. The most natural moisturizer with no extra's.
    Paste: Charcoal Paste can be used for many applications. Such as wounds, infections, slivers(glass or wood) deep cleansing, pulling, and teeth whitening.